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This isn’t the post you’re looking for.

No, really. This is a post that tells you about the post you can look for that won’t be around until Wednesday.

The deets: I’m thinking of doing a small segment of my blog that’s purely for talking about books I’ve read and loved and why I loved them and why you should go read it and love it. They aren’t reviews. (Cause we all know as a writer and aspiring author that’s just not something I’m allowed to do.) They’re recommendations. It’s something I’ve seen other writers/authors do, and even a few authors that have newsletters that I subscribe to, every so often they’ll give a shout out to a book they loved.

So, what do you guys think? I’m not saying it’d happen once a month or anything like that, just whenever I read something and I feel the urge to rave about it on Twitter, or to anyone within a 3-feet radius that will listen, cause then I know I should probably share it with you guys.

Also, thoughts for a title header for these? I’m running with Book Thoughts right now. Other options were “Reading Recs”, “Lauded Literature”, “Book Boost” and my Roomie’s very helpful suggestion of “Book Butts”.

Look for the first one this Wednesday!


Guess What? Black Widow IS a Monster.

Great, now that I’ve got your attention, let’s have a chat. (This is spoilery. So if you’ve managed to avoid it thusfar, you might want to keep on keepin’ on.) This is something I’ve been brewing on for a bit and I held off on posting because I thought, considering the subject matter, it would be insensitive to post on Mother’s Day weekend. And I’m glad I waited because now I can address the gloriousness that is the Supergirl trailer.

Now, does Black Widow’s character get the short end of many, MANY sticks? Fuck yes. From her lack of representation in merchandise to a focus on her hyper-sexuality when she was introduced as a character to (for some reason) people are upset that she was serving a damn drink at a bar. She used that as an opportunity to flirt with a guy she was interested in, say it ain’t so. Ugh, anyway. Yes, there is A LOT wrong with the way Marvel has approached essentially the only female superhero in their Avengers lineup. I am right with you on that. 110% with you on that. However, today I want to focus solely on this concept, this widespread butthurt pandemic, over the fact that she referred to herself as a monster because she’s been sterilized.

Black Widow IS a monster. Know why? Cause she fucking said so.

Let’s all just slow our roll for a moment and think about this. Do I think a woman that’s barren is a monster? No, of course not. Am I upset that Black Widow referred to herself as one, and therefore that somehow insinuates that all barren women are monsters? No, of course not.

Everyone gets their undies in a twist because they want stronger women. They want women that aren’t damsels in distress. They want women that save the day, no help necessary. They want women that are just as badass, if not more so, than their male counterparts. And somehow, in that cry for equal representation, we’ve erased this notion that women are allowed to have a wide spectrum of emotions, are allowed to have moments of emotional, mental or physical weakness, are allowed to doubt their skills, to doubt themselves, are allowed to have shortcomings. Are allowed to be girly. To have crushes. To want to flirt. (Supergirl trailer, anyone?) Because somehow, if they exhibit any of those features, they’re no longer strong women?



Screw that noise.

Black Widow is allowed to be a kickass superhero and also think of herself as something less because she can’t have kids. Because she wants to have kids, and can’t.  Because she wanted to find a way out of that situation, to avoid the ‘graduation’ and couldn’t. Would this be an entirely different discussion if it had been any other character that looked at her and called her a monster? YES. But that isn’t what happened. This was an assessment Black Widow made of herself. Her opinion. And she’s allowed that. Could there be women out there that think they’re monsters because they can’t have children? Yeah, I’d bet there are. Could it have been a powerful scene for any of those women to see a kickass female superhero have a similar view of herself, could it have given them a means to relate, could it have meant something to see this character that has obviously done so much and isn’t defined by that one aspect? Yeah, yeah it could be.

The concept of strong female characters does not mean invincible ones. It doesn’t mean women that are without fault. It doesn’t mean women that are perfect or even think they’re perfect. It can mean that, but it doesn’t have to.

Black Widow is, of course, wrong. But I’m not going to say a character, a female superhero who is currently all we have as representation, is not allowed to think awful things about themselves. I think awful things about myself. I think I’m a monster for a lot less. For a lot more. And all that scene did was make me want to hug Black Widow. And no one is going to take that from me.

Likewise, Supergirl is allowed to be a total dork, and try on dresses with her sister(?) and fumble around introductions with a semi-famous person. You know who else is a total dork? Wears giant, dorky glasses? Is usually portrayed as a klutz and average in every way? Her fucking cousin. But no one says shit about that, huh?

I love Black Widow, and I wish Marvel would do more with her. She’s a strong female character not only because she kicks ass and looks awesome and is as deadly as any of her male (magic/crazy scifi gizmo wielding) counterparts, but also because she has a distorted view of herself, she has mistakes she wants to rectify, she has a best friend she’d do anything for, and she’s the same woman that spent most of a movie trying to convince her fresh-out-of-the-ice co-worker that maybe he should get back on the horse.

I love Supergirl (I bet you thought I was being facetious when I called her trailer “glorious”), and I’m excited to see what this series does with her. (Especially since, based solely on speculation fueled by clips of scenes and dramatic scores, I think there’s going to be some more serious aspects of the show that they’re keeping tucked up their sleeve.) She’s a strong female character not only because she’s got super powers and can fly and I dunno, probably shoot lasers out her eyes or whatever, but also because she’s not afraid to stand her ground (to her sister, to her boss, to any idiot saying she “can’t”), she’s not afraid to take a chance, whether that means saving a plane, trying a bunch of different superhero outfits, or jumping off a roof to prove to a coworker she is actually all that and 2 bags of chips, all while probably enjoying a super great tasting frappucino and rocking some adorable summer outfits.

How about, instead of dictating what qualifies as a “strong female character”, we continue to explore the myriad possibilities?

Coming Soon: I’m just going to say it, Mad Max was better than Avengers: Age of Ultron. Mad Max is probably going to be the best movie I see all year. I’ll tell you why (in as much of a spoiler-free way as I can.)

Thoughts On Sleepy Hollow

sleepy hollow


I’m late to this train, I know, but I’ve just finished the first 2 seasons.  (So spoilers ahead for anyone else later to the train than I.) And I have thoughts on this show. Lots of thoughts. But I’ll pick one.

Can I just share with you guys my absolute favorite thing about this show?

It’s not the way they integrate aspects of history with their magical/mystical/lore and fairy tale reimaginings. Although those are superb.

It’s not the glorious WOC main character, (and the generally diverse cast) although THAT. IS. AMAZING.

It’s not the hilarious scenes where Ichabod is learning something new to him and adjusting to our modern world. Although those are adorbs.

It’s not even the deliciousness that is Ichabod Crane and his VOCABULARY. Although that is UNF.

It’s the honesty between the two main characters. Seriously. That is my absolute favorite part of this show. When Abbie saw Katrina giving birth, she didn’t keep it from Ichabod. She told him. IMMEDIATELY. Not at the end of the episode. Not when they escaped the haunted house of doom. She didn’t keep it from him because of how much she knew it would hurt him. She didn’t make the executive decision to “spare” him.

Cause that isn’t her decision to make.

She told him. Immediately. Even though he kept talking over her at first and was totally distracted and she could have let it slide and tried again later, she pushed through and was like, bro, bro there’s something you need to know.

And it’s not one-sided!

When Moloch told Ichabod that one Witness would betray another, that he’d give up Abbie, HE TOLD HER. IMMEDIATELY. He didn’t wait. He didn’t “spare” her. He didn’t hold off until he could figure out some magical way to solve the problem on his own. And he didn’t tell her half-truths either. He told her, flat out, Moloch said he’d get yer soul and that I’d be the one to give it to him.

And I just think that is a gorgeous thing. I’m so, SO TIRED of these shows or movies or books even, where you have partners or a team and they keep things from one another with this misguided notion of sparing them or some such nonsense. Not only is it so tiresome to look at it, it’s just lazy writing. Because we KNOW it’s going to come out eventually, now we’re just waiting for it to happen. We’re supposed to be on the edge of our seats, waiting for this truth to be revealed and Oh-no, how will the other person react? But I much rather the unapologetic honesty and let them take on the world together.

And yes, there is one instance, with the map of purgatory, but you know what?

A) Him re-drawing the map was revealed to Abbie THE VERY NEXT EPISODE.

B) He didn’t lie to her. He burned the map and I believe he intended it to stay that way. But c’mon, the man is lonely and depressed and in a moment of weakness, redrew it.

But he didn’t use it. He didn’t try to figure it out on his own. And that plot point wasn’t dragged out over several episodes before revealed to Abbie.

Even in the season 2 finale, Benjamin TOLD Abbs not to tell Crane about Katrina, but she does anyway cause that’s just how they roll and it worked.

The honesty between these two characters is one of the reasons this show is one of my favorites. Ever.  Add on that there’s no forced romance between them! That’s another pitfall many stories fall into. Can’t have a male and female team kick ass and take names together and ONLY BE BEST FRIENDS. No, they MUST fall in love. And I’m just like, really, guys? Really? I’ve been waiting so long for a BFF ass-kicking team!

Yeah there were times they hinted at Katrina feeling insecure about his and Abbie’s bond, but that was on Katrina.

The silliness and the trust and honesty and Crane opening up to Abbie to share what’s on his mind and I just, GUH, they’re amazing and it all boils down to their honesty. (Also, Katrina, you done fucked up, girl. That whole Mary Wells thing was the last straw. You seriously had no right to keep that from him, it ruined everything and I’m just SO MAD. But I guess that’s why you’re DEAD. Ha!)

End of the day, Abbs and Ichabod are really amazing friends, strengthened by the honesty between them and I think it’s just the best thing ever.

abbsichahugAnd I will fight you on that.



Coming Soon: Thoughts on Age of Ultron, specifically in regards to Black Widow and her being a “monster” and why everyone needs to slow their damn roll.

It’s been a while, huh?

i live


Title pretty much says it all, methinks.

I was pretty active here for a while, with my audio posts and themed days and chatting about writing and then I just kind of disappeared. There are a multitude of reasons, but we’ll just blame Tumblr.

For shame, Tumblr!

But, speaking of Tumblr, as much as I love it, it isn’t the greatest medium for longer text based posts that allow for discussion and commentary. Which is something I’d really like to get back into. I can’t promise themed days like before, or even a set update schedule. Let’s just play it by ear a bit, yeah? I can promise that it won’t all be about writing. C’mon guys, there’s like, hundreds of blogs and vlogs out there by and about aspiring writers and their journey and really, there isn’t much I can add that hasn’t already been said. So this’ll be an amalgamation of all the things that make Jace, Jace.  Reading, writing, crocheting, watching ridiculous amounts of Netflix & Hulu (and with that, maybe reviews? I do so love discussing movies & TV), and falling face first into some new craft or project.

Let’s have fun with it.

How are YOU?

Coming soon:

I’ve been watching Sleepy Hollow and am SUPER EAGER to share my thoughts on it with you guys!