This is my 2016 Post

Apparently it’s a new year or something. That’s cool. Every year, at some point, I create a post talking about how I’ll post more. And then, indubitably, life happens and the universe is like “cool story, bro” and then I disappear. So I won’t even bother making that post.

2015 is over and good riddance! It started off so well, so promising and then it was just like

community what happened


So I am 2000% ready for a new year. But only if it’s going to be a boss new year. None of that…whatever it was 2015 was trying to pull. And so far it’s going well. New job, new place, new semester. Lots of new! (Although to be honest, in some categories I’d settle for ‘old and improved’.) Goals this year are much the same of every year. Finish the WiP. Seek representation. Get a ps4. Play Fallout4. Ohglob I need it. Be healthy? That one seems a bit lofty since much of my health isn’t really up to me anymore. Read 50 books. Which is kind of insane considering things like school and work and hobbies. But I’m going for it! (And hey, this semester I’m only taking 17 credits instead of last semester’s 19!)

New Year’s Resolutions? I don’t know. Be better. Be stronger. And when needed, let the tears come.

Let’s do this.

emperor out


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