Book Thoughts

This isn’t the post you’re looking for.

No, really. This is a post that tells you about the post you can look for that won’t be around until Wednesday.

The deets: I’m thinking of doing a small segment of my blog that’s purely for talking about books I’ve read and loved and why I loved them and why you should go read it and love it. They aren’t reviews. (Cause we all know as a writer and aspiring author that’s just not something I’m allowed to do.) They’re recommendations. It’s something I’ve seen other writers/authors do, and even a few authors that have newsletters that I subscribe to, every so often they’ll give a shout out to a book they loved.

So, what do you guys think? I’m not saying it’d happen once a month or anything like that, just whenever I read something and I feel the urge to rave about it on Twitter, or to anyone within a 3-feet radius that will listen, cause then I know I should probably share it with you guys.

Also, thoughts for a title header for these? I’m running with Book Thoughts right now. Other options were “Reading Recs”, “Lauded Literature”, “Book Boost” and my Roomie’s very helpful suggestion of “Book Butts”.

Look for the first one this Wednesday!


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